Today marks the launch of the new HPRS website – an online home for use by members (homeowners) and residents alike.

Featuring HPRS’ new two-tone logo, the site has had a complete overhaul to better meet the needs of the society and all who call Hobsonville Point home. Please explore, let us know your feedback and update your favourites with our new URL.

The open site now features the latest news from HPRS (including updates on Chichester Cottage as they become available), local events for you and your family to enjoy, and information on your community, including how to alter your home and reminders for all residents. There is information about the HPRS committee, access to the HPRS constitution and rules, and an explanation of HPRS’ compulsory membership fees.

For HPRS members (homeowners), the site also features an exclusive members-only section containing announcements, minutes of the HPRS committee meetings and a discussion board to explore ideas and issues relating to the area. All members will receive an email (to the address supplied for their property) enabling them to sign up to this private section of the site. Announcements that have previously been sent over email by Crockers will now be sent by HPRS and archived in the members-only section for your information.

The new site is part of a fresh approach towards communication by the HPRS committee. As well as making over its online home and rejuvenating its branding, it is focusing on clear, engaging and up-to-date communication with members and residents about the many items of interest it is involved in across Hobsonville Point. This e-newsletter will be published several times a year and sent to all members using the email address supplied to Crockers. Other residents are welcome to sign up at The committee also manages the community noticeboard in Hobsonville Point Park to share information with passersby and those who are not online.