Everyone who owns a property at Hobsonville Point is required by law to be a member of HPRS, whether they live at the property or rent it out. Membership fees are compulsory for all members and are currently set at:

  • a $300 joining fee upon creation and transfer of the property title from the developer/builder to the first purchaser
  • $150 annually as at 2016/2017 (this figure is set each year at the Annual Meeting)

The process for levy setting and payment is:

  • HPRS’ financial year runs from September 1 to August 31.
  • After the financial year has ended, Crockers prepares the material for our Annual Meeting which must be held in October. The membership fee for the next financial year is agreed at this meeting.
  • Invoices are sent to all members after the meeting (usually in November).
  • Levies are due on December 31 each year.
  • Unpaid fees are subject to Crockers’ debt collection process. Once an invoice is raised, a reminder is sent seven days before the due date and again seven days after the due date if required. If the levy remains unpaid after this time, a letter is sent 14 days after the due date advising the owner of a possible $75 (+ GST) charge if the invoice is not settled within two weeks. At 28 days after the due date, a second letter is dispatched including the $75 (+ GST) charge. Finally, 42 days after the due date, a final demand is issued, including a $175 (+ GST) charge with interest.

For more information about HPRS fees and penalties for non-payment, please refer to the HPRS Constitution.

Member Benefits

Being a financial member brings benefits to you as a member. You can:

  • Vote at the AGM (or in special one-off ballots if required)
  • Stand for election to the committee
  • Access our Members Only Section
  • Raise concerns about your neighbourhood with the HPRS committee

We also ask members to familiarise themselves with our constitution and rules, and comply with the requirements outlined in these documents. If you rent your property out, please ensure your tenants are also aware of their responsibilities.


Laneways are managed by separate societies, comprising the owners of all homes that access the same laneway. Each society has rules and processes in place to make decisions that affect everyone living on the laneway. Some of the laneway societies have committees in place. Please contact Crockers with any laneway queries.

Selling your Property

When selling your property, please ensure your real estate agent is given a copy of the constitution, the AGM minutes and HPRS’ financial statements to provide to potential purchasers.

Once you have entered into an agreement for sale and purchase of your property, ensure your solicitor is aware of the requirements under clause 5.1 of the constitution.  A deed of covenant and certificate of indebtedness must be requested from Crockers at least five days prior to settlement and provided to the purchaser.

  • The deed of covenant is a written agreement between each member and HPRS. Until it is completed by the purchaser and returned to Crockers, the seller still has the obligations of a society member.
  • The certificate of indebtedness details information such as the levy for the current financial year and any outstanding amounts (such as levies, interest or fines in relation to the property). It enables the seller and purchaser to reach agreement on how any amounts owing are dealt with on settlement of the property.

The seller is obligated to request these documents (though they can be requested by the purchaser with the seller’s authority). The fee for the documents is $138 (incl. GST) and is the seller’s responsibility.