About HPRS

HPRS exists to serve its members who are the owners of properties at Hobsonville Point. It is here to enhance your enjoyment of living at Hobsonville Point, address any concerns you have and help protect the investment you have made in the area. It is governed by a constitution, within which is a set of rules which apply to members, their tenants and invitees. The rules ensure that common sense and courtesy prevail for everyone who calls Hobsonville Point home.

HPRS is managed by a committee made up of society members who are elected at the Annual General Meeting. All committee members are volunteers. The duties of the committee are defined in the constitution.

Your Current Committee:

Your committee: Christine Poulter (Chair), Ebony Combe (Deputy Chair), Kiri Lomas, Allan Tito and Kathleen Davidson.

What Does the Committee Do?
The committee’s work is extensive and varied. It includes:

  • Working with the secretary of the Incorporated Society (presently Barfoot & Thompson) to administer the society and liaise with the Controlling Member Kāinga Ora formerly HLC.
  • Creating community events and activities for the residents
  • Advocating with other organisations on behalf of members
  • Advising members on news, permitted alterations and additions to their homes
  • Addressing enquiries and complaints received from members and residents within Hobsonville Point
  • Working with elected local bodies (such as the Upper Harbour Board and Auckland Council) on developments within Hobsonville Point
  • Organising and promoting community events
  • Managing a community facility – Chichester Cottage – which is available for hire
  • Dealing with breaches of the constitution

What Does Barfoot & Thompson Do?
Barfoot & Thompson manages the administration of HPRS as an Incorporated Society. Their responsibilities are:

  • Attending and minuting HPRS committee meetings
  • Managing HPRS’ accounts
  • Receiving and responding to members’ enquiries
  • Holding and maintaining the membership register
  • Levy collection
  • Provision of settlement documentation
  • Provision of practical advice and support regarding the management and governance of the society