Alterations and Additions

If you want to make an addition or alteration to your home, the work must comply with the rules set out by Auckland City Council and the Hobsonville Point Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP)/Design Guidelines. These rules, plans and guidelines exist to protect your investment in your home and enhance your enjoyment of it by preventing neighbours from building new homes or altering existing ones in ways that would have a significant negative impact on your property. Likewise, you must not make changes that would affect your neighbour’s enjoyment of their property in a significant way.

Frequently Asked Questions

The CDP is a statutory planning document that ensures consistency of urban form and character, and sets out controls for buildings, streets and open space. The Design Guidelines control architectural and development quality, including front yard landscaping. By interpreting the CDP, they provide a degree of certainty to the ‘look and feel’ of Hobsonville Point while also encouraging variety and interest within the buildings and landscape.

Copies of these documents can be found here.

Step 1Check with Auckland Council if your proposed alteration requires resource consent by phoning the Council Duty Planner on (09) 301 0101.

If your alteration requires consent, it will first need to be approved by the Hobsonville Point Design Review Panel. This panel ensures that designs put forward follow the CDP and Design Guidelines (refer to Part A 1.0 – 1.4 of the Design Guidelines for a more detailed explanation of the Design Review Panel and the process involved). Queries for the panel should be directed to Hobsonville Land Company on (09) 261 5054 or Once you have approval from the Design Review Panel you can apply for resource consent from Auckland Council.

Step 2
If your planned alteration doesn’t require resource consent, then read the Design Guidelines and CDP to make sure it complies with the rules/guidelines. If it does comply you can go ahead.

Auckland Council will also be able to advise if building consent is required.

Step 3
If still unclear whether your planned alterations/additions comply, Hobsonville Land Company has produced a flow chart from the Design Guidelines to help. It can be found under ‘Making Additions or Alterations to your home’. If you have any questions concerning your proposed works, email the Hobsonville Land Company on

Please refer to this document on Fences.