192b Buckley Avenue, Hobsonville Point, Auckland, 0618. Look for the small black cottage with white-framed windows. It’s on the coastal walkway, tucked into the trees and along to the right of the Bear Park childcare centre, which is at 190.

When you book and pay you’ll be given details of access.

The cost to hire the cottage is $25 per hour. If you are a community service or group, or not for profit business, please contact us directly for concessions.

Please include setup and pack down time within your booking.

Yes. The table can sit up to 10, boardroom style, or can be split into three, with room for 6 people around each one. Legs can be folded and the tables stacked against the wall to provide more open floor space. Any chairs and tables taken out onto the courtyard must be put back inside after the event.

There is a baby-changing table in the toilet. Please remove soiled nappies.

Yes. There is a kettle, a fridge/freezer and a sink. No cooking facilities.

Yes – there are mugs, glasses, plates, platters, a chopping board, knives and cutlery. Please advise of any breakages by emailing [email protected]

No, but let us know and we can point you in the right direction.

Yes. Password will be provided when you hire the venue.

You need to apply for an alcohol license if you are selling alcohol, but not if you are having a private event. You need to notify us if alcohol is being served on the booking form. Here is the link for info about getting a special event licence:  https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/licences-regulations/business-licences/alcohol-licences-fines/apply-alcohol-special-licence-events/Pages/default.aspx

It is expected alcohol will be taken in moderation and that drink/drive laws will be heeded.

No, sorry. Almost no community venues will book these as the risk of noise and rowdiness is too great.

Yes but please do NOT use pins, nails, sellotape or staples on the walls. Light GM masking tape is okay. Do NOT leave Blu-Tac on walls as it can tear paint off when removed.

There is limited parking in Chichester Lane and on Buckley Avenue.

There is a first aid kit under the kitchen bench. No defibrillator. The nearest one is located at Little Creatures down the boardwalk at Catalina Bay.

The grass after the courtyard to the right of the Cottage is owned by Auckland Council. You may need to apply for an event permit to gain approval. There are also size restrictions on how big a marquee can be. Please check with us first as we may be able to assist. Here is the link to the event permit info: https://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/licences-regulations/event-permits/apply-event-permit/Pages/default.aspx

You must take all decorations down and away with you, and remove all rubbish from the premises (including recyclables). Please bring your own rubbish bags. Ensure the building is closed up, windows shut, locked and lights off before you leave. Please lower the window blinds. Dishes must be washed, dried and put away and hot-water urn turned off. Please allow for ‘pack in’ and ‘pack out’ in your hours booked.

Yes. But it is not connected to the Fire Service. In the event of fire, break glass to sound the alarm then call 111. There is a fire extinguisher in the hallway.

  • Smoking is prohibited in the cottage
  • Smoke making machines, barbecues and the like are not allowed.

N.B. Should the alarm be activated due to non-compliance or inappropriate activity, the Hirer(s) and or booker(s) will be liable for all consequential expenses. False call outs to the fire brigade for a non-emergency can cost more than $1000.

For full information about hiring Chichester Cottage, read the Terms and Conditions.