Welcome to Hobsonville Point and the
Hobsonville Point Residents Society Inc. (HPRS)

Hobsonville Point is a rapidly growing community in North-West Auckland. Located on the former Hobsonville Airforce Base, the development is now home to young families, retirees and everyone in between. It is a friendly, welcoming and inclusive community – the kind of place where you know your neighbours and the next community event is never far away.

HPRS exists primarily to serve its members, who are the owners of properties within Hobsonville Point, and to maintain the standards set in the Master Plan for Hobsonville Point. We have a Constitution and a set of Rules that all Members must follow to ensure our Community stays looking great in years to come.

The HPRS committee is made up of volunteers appointed annually who administer the society, respond to residents’ queries and maintain the high standard of living that we all enjoy. You are welcome to contact us at any time.

Crockers takes care of the administration of the Committee. Please email your enquiries to and they will make sure your question is answered promptly or pass it on to the right people if more detail or consideration is needed.

The HPRS also has its own Facebook group which is open only to people who live here rather than the wider population. We like to keep it inclusive yet local.

Latest News

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What’s on at Winterfest 2019

So our nights have become cold and dark – oh, yes. All the more reason to brighten them up with light, fun and music! That’s why the Hobsonville Point Residents Society (HPRS) is launching our...