Come have your say on funding at our upcoming AGM on October 30.

Yes, plans are coming together for weekend ferry services to the city – with several sailings on both Saturdays and Sundays. Funding needs to be spread amongst several organisations and the HPRS has been approached about contributing to running costs out of our funds (which of course are made up of your levies). Before we say yes, we need to get a measure of your support.

We can’t give you full details just yet, but there’ll be a resolution you can vote on at the AGM, which is set for:

7pm, October 30, at the Hobsonville Point Secondary School auditorium.

Do come if you can. For one thing, we need a good turnout to ensure we have a quorum! And there’s much more than ferries to tell you about. We’re planning a year that will see progress on many of the things you’ve been asking for – and we’ll report on issues we know you care about, such as security, street-plant maintenance and community spirit.

Meanwhile, there are lots of other things going on. For instance – read on to learn about…

NB There’s a milestone coming up at year’s end. By then 2000 homes will have been completed at the Point, putting us at the halfway mark.

Walk around the area and you can see a lot of new development is taking shape in the Hudson area around the Headquarters community centre, and on the north side of Launch Road.  It looks like a pretty playground is being created there too, close to Launch Bay’s green Oval. The Buckley B zone is under way and the Airfields and Te Uru areas will be next.

This sure is a dynamic place we’re living in!

Best wishes,
HPRS Committee