Dear Residents


You have spoken! Thanks to all of you who either attended the face-to-face HPRS community meeting on July 22 or went online to respond to the plan by doing the online survey that closed off on Aug 10.

Support for the draft plan has been strongly positive and your input is a huge help to your committee as it looks to provide better outcomes and services for residents.

The online survey produced 24 pages of results and comment. We also took into account many comments gleaned from the Gathering 2.0 community meeting.

In the interests of brevity, and because many popular views were expressed repeatedly, we have put together a shorter report to encapsulate community mood while still, hopefully, covering the tenor of your opinions.

The committee’s next step is to adjust the plan to incorporate a few points not included in the draft. The final plan will then be published online.

Of course, creating plans is one thing – putting them into action is another.

Work is under way on devising concrete steps aimed at producing good outcomes for the benefit of us all.

NB The current committee has only one more regular meeting to go before the Society’s AGM on October 24. So… just a heads up to say there’s a need, always, for new talent to step up.

Do give some thought to whether you’d like to be involved. The call for nominations will go out in good time.

Best wishes

The HPRS Committee