As the holiday season putters out and work winds up again, you might be thinking about projects or events you’d like to launch here at the Point this year, both for your own satisfaction and also for the betterment of our community.

You can apply to the Hobsonville Point Community Grants Fund for up to $500 in any one year to spend on bringing your project to life. 

We have a team of volunteers who meet quarterly to consider submissions, and they’re eager to hear what you have in mind.  

Our scheme is managed by the Auckland Foundation, which pays out ahead of time for approved events or activities. The next deadline for submissions is Feb 28. Please email [email protected] If successful you’ll receive funding for your bright idea a few weeks later in early April. What would you like to invent as autumn approaches? Note, it must be not for profit. 

So get thinking and get going. All you have to do is supply details of how much you’ll need to spend to make something wonderful happen. You might want to run a tango evening, a poetry slam, a comedy open-mike night, a charity fund-raiser or a self-improvement course. It’s all about ideas for creating activities that connect neighbours and make life here more vibrant. Complete the online application form here.

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