HPRS Community Grant Guidelines

The Hobsonville Point Community Grants Fund aims to help residents and groups in Hobsonville Point to develop and carry out activities, events or community service projects that contribute to local wellbeing,

This assistance is provided by the Hobsonville Point Community Grants Fund under the umbrella of the Hobsonville Point Residents Society. Individuals or community groups can apply for up to $500 in one year. The fund will be open to receive requests for funding four times a year on or before:

31 May
31 Aug
30 November
28 February

To apply, fill out the form. Applications should be emailed to the Hobsonville Point Community Grants Fund Committee at HPCGF@gmail.com or mailed to C/- 32 Meteor Street, Hobsonville Point 0616. A receipt will be issued.

The committee will meet soon after each of the dates above, and will respond to applicants promptly.

To be eligible, applicants must be aiming to :

    • Deliver not-for-profit projects/initiatives to Hobsonville Point 
    • Contribute to Hobsonville Point’s vision of good communications, engagement and respect between members and offer opportunities for participation in community events. 
    • Undertake their project within the boundaries of Hobsonville Point, as set by HLC’s Masterplan map

What will be funded:

You are encouraged to consider creative and fresh initiatives that support Hobsonville Point as a great place to live, work, play, grow and learn. For example:

  • Neighbourhood barbecues, picnics, dances, games nights or get-togethers
  • Workshops for the community
  • Sports events
  • Community gardening projects
  • Youth activities
  • Art initiatives
  • Setting up a new club or activity 

What will not be funded:

  • Day-to-day operational expenses of an existing group or organisation
  • Activities aimed at promoting political parties or religious beliefs
  • Expenditure already incurred before the date of your application
  • Debt servicing costs
  • Activities held outside the Hobsonvile Point boundaries
  • Non-residents
  • Projects that aim to make a profit for the applicants
  • Salaries

How applications will be assessed:

Each application will be considered by the Hobsonville Point Community Grants Fund committee.

All applicants will be promptly advised by email on the outcome of their funding application. The assessment will consider:

  • The amount of funds being sought as a proportion of the total sum needed to run the proposed activity. For larger events, it is expected that the group/individual will have other sources of funding along with this fund. E.g. the amount of $500 should not be viewed as a goal. A small neighbourhood gathering should primarily be supported by the residents involved, with a contribution from the fund.
  • The size of the community group that will benefit
  • The validity of the actual expense required to undertake the proposed activity.

What to do if successful in gaining funding:

  • Approval of the application fund means that the applicant will be refunded costs they have incurred as outlined in the application form. The applicant should keep all receipts and submit them to the Hobsonville Point Community Grants Fund committee (HPCGF@gmail.com) for reimbursement. 
  • The applicant will not be refunded for any expenses related to activities outside those noted in their application. 
  • The applicant will be liable to return any monies granted should a breach occur.
  • Groups must prepare a short written report on the outcomes or results of the activity so that we know how the project went, who was involved, and how the community participated.
  • This information will be provided within one month of completion of the activity. Failure to do so will require any reimbursed monies to be returned and/or future funding will not be granted.  

Fund management
The Hobsonville Point Community Grants Fund is administered by the Auckland Foundation. As a community foundation, it is place-based and donor-focused. It invests funds prudently to ensure long-term benefits for the community, while donors know their charitable giving is being distributed wisely.

Auckland Foundation is a member of Community Foundations of New Zealand (CFNZ) and one of 17 community foundations in New Zealand. For more information go to https://www.aucklandfoundation.org.nz

Download the Guidelines here: Hobsonville Point Community Grants Fund Guidelines Final

Download the application form here: HPRS Community Grant Application Form