Chichester Cottage

We have been busy working behind the scenes to update the online booking process for Chichester Cottage, in order to make bookings easier and more cost efficient to run.

In collaboration with Vivid Computers, our website provider, we have developed an automated booking system that includes payment options. You now have two options for payment; bank transfer or bank card via Paypal. Anyone can use the Paypal option, even if you don’t have a Paypal account. This means you can choose your preferred time and complete your booking in one go, removing the need for numerous emails and delays, saving you time so that you can get on with the fun part of planning your event.

You may also notice that we have streamlined the pricing structure so that every hour is $25, regardless of the time of day that you are booking. We still have discounts for bookings of more than ten sessions in a year, and for community and not for profit groups. This price change does not affect existing bookings and inquiries.

The Terms and Conditions have been updated accordingly.

Any questions please first check out the Frequently Asked Questions

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