Dear Residents,

Hobsonville Point continues to grow, with more than 2000 dwellings now completed. The big billboard at the traffic lights close to Countdown Supermarket tells the story of where we are and what is still to come.

We’d like to say a big welcome to new residents – it’s great you’ve come to join us! If you have any questions about living here, then feel free to email the Society at [email protected] or pop into our website to check out current news items and upcoming events. And for a range of useful tips, go to the very good online welcome pack published by HLC.

Yet more growth means more members of the HPRS – and you can have your say about the Society’s future plans at our upcoming annual general meeting, scheduled for October 30, 7pm, at Hobsonville Point Secondary School. You’ll be sent more details as the date approaches.

Note that the call will soon go out for HPRS committee-member nominations. If you’re interested in having a seat around the table in the 2019/20 year, then watch out next week for more information about how to put your name forward. It’s a great way to get involved in our community, make new friends and gain insights into this unique part of Auckland that we call home.

Winter has lingered on with our recent spell of dreary days, but warmer weather must surely be on the way, with more opportunities to get out and make the most of life at the Point. There’s plenty going on! With this month’s re-opening of Headquarters, various classes and events are beginning to happen there and people can now book rooms.

The opening of the larger community venue, Sunderland Lounge, is also not too far away. The middle of next month is likely though still not confirmed, and so you still cannot book space there. We know people are itching to be able to hire it for larger events (overall capacity is 374) and there are various ideas being discussed around performance, fitness, social and cultural events.

Upcoming Saturday events include a short-film festival night showcasing New Zealand outdoor adventure (October 12), a deliciously vibrant Diwali Festival of Light (October 19) and a barn dance on November 2. Venues, times and more info coming up soon!

Meanwhile, read on for an update on weekend ferry popularity, a note on booking an inorganic collection for your house, a chance to take a four-week drama course for free, a reminder re this weekend’s Travel Festival and an invitation to the Downton Abbey movie.

Best wishes,
HPRS Committee