Dear Residents,

Your Committee would like to thank everyone that shared their thoughts and priorities by completing our brief online survey. The initial 5 topics were created out of community feedback already received and observations of the committee itself.

Responses were recorded from 31 March until 28 April and we have summarised the results to share with you now. We have also added additional information that we hope will help crystalise the thoughts of the wider community and form part of some very important decisions at the next AGM as we continue to invest in this community that we all love.


Total Responses: 298

Responses that provided alternative topics: 86 (29% of above total)

Items of most importance

We asked you to rank those topics of most relevance (regardless of whether you were in favour or not).

The top 3 featured topics

  • Sun protection for playgrounds
  • Security patrols
  • A dedicated disaster plan

The top 3 alternative topics were

  • Streetscape, Berms and Gardens: 25% (of the 86 / 7% of total)
  • Parking / Road safety: 22% (of the 86 / 7% of total)
  • Dog related: 10% (of the 86 / 3% of total)

All other responses were 2% or less.

Let’s look at the top 3 responses in more detail:

Shade Solutions for Playgrounds

This shows a really strong level of support, so what next?

The committee will endeavour to:

  • Look to identify all the playgrounds that are within the HPRS Boundaries
  • Investigate if there is a way to prioritise these
  • Estimate initial investment and ongoing maintenance costs
  • Identify key activities e.g. Council planning permissions etc
  • Make a recommendation at the AGM that can be put to a vote

Security Patrols


  • These patrols have been running for 3 years (Total investment to date circa$100,000)
  • There have been no notifications of any ‘events’ during this time
  • These patrols are car based only
  • The price has recently been increased by 6% as part of the changes to the minimum wage
  • HP is covered by Police coordinated Community Patrols that are free and involve HP resident volunteers
  • Security cameras for entry / exit of the point have been investigated and discarded due to high initial and ongoing cost, privacy and permit issues etc.

The committee will endeavour to:

  • Look at alternatives / options to be voted on e.g.
    • Patrol schedule (less / different )
    • Replace Patrols and negotiate significant discounts for individual security home technology options and invest money in supporting this
    • Other ideas yet to be explored

Disaster Plan

The committee will endeavour to:

  • Identify resident volunteers to help run this project so they can
    • Identify what areas like Greenhithe have accomplished and why
    • Match that to existing disaster plans and services
    • Identify activities, costs and processes and report back on progress at the AGM
    • Report back to the community with a proposal

The other Survey responses are listed below for your information

Digital Sign Boards

Bike Safe Event

Once again thank you for your feedback and we trust that the information provided is useful to you all in helping bring together the projects that the community are asking for. We will be discussing these topics in more detail and gathering further feedback during open days and public meetings between now and the AGM.


Your Committee