Yes, you’ve been hearing for ages about new things in the works that have not yet come to fruition. There’s been a range of delays. Here’s a small summary to keep you in the picture.

  • Sunderland Lounge: The vintage weatherboard RNZAF hall and social club on Launch Road has now been spruced up outside and tenders have been called for refurbishment inside the building. The time it will take for that extensive rework means the Lounge won’t now be open for business until next year.
  • Security cameras: Your feedback to the draft-plan survey showed that security is your number one priority. Many of you are asking when the long-promised security cameras will be up and running. The committee is also frustrated at how hard it is proving to make headway. We know that HLC is working with Auckland Transport on establishing ways and means to get the system established. It has apparently been difficult to get permission to place aerials at suitable sites. Negotiations are continuing.
  • Chichester Cottage: That’s the little black cottage that sits under the trees at the far left end of Buckley Avenue. It has been carefully refurbished by Auckland Council and the plan is for it to come under Society management to be used as a small venue for community use. Construction delays on the building site next door meant it has taken a long time for underground services to be completed. We’re hoping it won’t be too much longer now.
  • Coastal Walkway: We’re all hanging out for the time when the walkway is one big, long, lovely loop track. No date has yet been announced for the connection of the missing link but word is that planning is underway for an opening event in the not-too-distant future.