Welcome to Crockers’ account manager Laura Van Engelen who has recently come to work at Hobsonville Point. Laura is now based here from 9.00am to 5pm, five days a week, at The Hangar above Little Creatures in Catalina Bay. This is very good news! Many owners have expressed a wish for a Crockers office here where you could have your queries handled personally. Now, that is possible.
Friendly and approachable, Laura is keen to help sort out problems and answer questions. Whether you want to ask about parking, litter, weeds, levy payments, construction noise – or just anything at all – she can action things or give you the right advice.
Jodie Rahman, who is based at Crockers head office in Auckland, was formerly handling all HPRS queries on her own, but managing the account has become such a large job that it is now being split between Jodie and Laura.
If you have a problem or a question about living at Hobsonville Point, your first port of call is always to email [email protected] and it will be sent to the right person.
To email Laura direct, find her at [email protected] or you can call 09 920 0834.