HLC has provided passenger numbers from Auckland Transport for weekend ferry services between January and July this year (see table below).

This indicates:

  • Total journeys: 15,588, averaging 600 per weekend
  • Just under half of these journeys involved trips from the Down Town Ferry terminal (DTFT) and just over half via Beach Haven to the city
  • Numbers peaked in February (3235) although numbers for March, April and June were all over 3000. Lower patronage in July (1683) is probably related to winter weather.

Overall, this seems to indicate solid support for this service, which HPRS has co-funded along with HLC and builder partners and businesses. Last year, members attending the AGM voted the sum of $50,000 from our reserve funds as a contribution to getting Saturday and Sunday ferries up and running. We are hopeful that given the level of usage, a further HPRS contribution will not be needed. We will have more information by the end of next month.