We don’t have big gardens on the Point so weeding’s not the tiresome chore it used to be in the days when old-school quarter-acre sections were common across Auckland.

Some of us keep our frontages looking great, and some of us… let it slip.  The Sunderland A Residents Society (that’s an area comprising a few blocks along Buckley Road, past the Catalina Café) are standouts for organising a Berms, Beers and BBQ event on April 14, giving everyone there a chance to get out, do a quick clean up and turn weeding into a sociable time.

Not all of us are part of a separate society or bodycorp within the Point, but if your own local zone is looking a bit weedy, why not get some neighbours together and do something similar? Many hands make light work and all that!  And when weeds are small, they’re so easy to pluck out and dispose of.

When your committee got a recent report of deadly nightshade flourishing in a footpath plot (see pic), one of the members went round there, pulled on gardening gloves and got rid of it herself. It seemed the house was empty and with those toxic weeds going rampant it was pulling down the look of the whole street, huh?

But we all need to keep an eye out for such things as it’s for everyone’s benefit, not just our own.

Weeding and streetscape maintenance may well be a topic you want to raise at The Gathering on April 29…