Your HPRS committee has begun the process of setting a strategic plan in place so the Society has a clear view on how to help make our area a harmonious, vibrant and happy place to live in going forward.

On July 22, lots of you came along to a community meeting at the primary school to discuss the draft plan that’s in the works. Heaps of good solid ideas were aired. 

If you couldn’t be there and want to have your say, we’ve set up an online survey, which contains a link to the draft plan. You can read it, comment on what matters to you, and let us know if we’re missing anything.

On Friday (July 27) we sent out an email about the online survey to everyone on our database. But we’re keen to get feedback from everybody, whether owners or renters.  

If you’d like to dive into the draft plan and do the survey (by August 10, please), click here.