The ‘Save the Wasp Hangar’ petition has been presented to the following Boards:

Upper Harbour Local Board (17/06/21)

Auckland Council Planning Committee (01/07/21)

Panuku (23/06/21)

Current signatures: 2523

We have since learnt that Kainga Ora is no longer in negotiation with Panuku regarding the sale of the Wasp Hangar and adjacent land (proposed Wasp Square). Panuku has written to advise that they will look to take the site to market later this year.

Panuku letter: Hobsonville – Wasp Hangar – letter

Here is an extract of the Panuku letter dated 30/06/21:

Future of Wasp Hangar 

In terms of the future of the Wasp Hangar building itself, it will be retained on site as part of  redevelopment, as outlined in the outcomes for the site agreed by Auckland Council’s  Planning Committee at their 1 April 2021 meeting. Eke Panuku will work with prospective  development partners to incorporate the hangar building into designs for the site. 

For further context, please see the full list of outcomes for development of the site as agreed  by the Planning Committee:

  • mixed-use development combining commercial, retail, community and residential  elements, responding to market demand and with a strong employment focus; an active edge to Launch Road at the ground floor; 
  • that Wasp Hangar is to be retained as a “character building” and be repurposed while  considering the wider development*; 
  • the mix of activities must be “outward facing” to the community, well designed,  sustainable, connected, and complimentary to the neighbouring residential and  commercial areas, and wider vision; and 
  • that design must be progressed through the Hobsonville Point Design Review Panel  with a focus on innovative and sustainable design. 

*Note that the Wasp Hangar is not listed in the Auckland Unitary Plan’s (AUP) Historic  Heritage Schedule 14.1. However, it is recognised as a notable building within the Precinct  Plan 2 in the AUP, with specific policy considerations that require it to be retained. 

Next steps 

Eke Panuku will progress work to take the site to market closer to the end of the year, with the  agreed outcomes outlined above incorporated into this work. We look forward to working with  a development partner on a design that will benefit the community of Hobsonville long into the  future. 


HPRS would like to thank Lindsey Dawson, Errol Haarhoff, Diane Duncalf and Garry Poole for their contribution of time to this cause.

HPRS remains committed to saving the Wasp Hangar for use as a community facility, and to the adjacent land for the development as a reserve. We will keep you updated with any further developments.