We often receive complaints from residents about messy, weed-filled spots around our streets and HPRS is trying to get things fixed, but when you’re dealing with local authorities it can take a long time for things to happen.

One such area is the top part of Buckley Avenue leading from the Squadron Drive corner up towards Countdown. The footpath and the water filtration pond below Teal Way are severely overgrown (see pic).

A group of HPSS students recently did some weeding on the strip outside the school’s back fence and we love their willingness to help, but the job needs professional equipment and know-how.

HPRS has recently been told that the area has been added to the Council’s maintenance supplier’s schedule of works, but no timeframe for remedial work was supplied. But we’ll keep asking.

The committee has set some budget aside to get work done in places when we run out of patience, but also wants to ensure Council meets its maintenance obligations on its land before the HPRS considers stepping in to do it at HPRS members’ expense.

The overgrown ends of Kittyhawk Park are another case in point. Be assured we are working on it.