Ela Badea

Local resident Ela Badea has set up a Women’s Hub for northwest Auckland women.

Her vision is to create a strong and tightly-knit community of women where common needs and goals are supported and friendship opportunities created.

Ela plans to provide opportunities for women to meet other local ladies through a wide range of classes, activities, interest groups, and events. Her idea is to ‘learn from each other, inspire one another and use our talents in constructive ways to create a warm and welcoming community of women. We will surely have fun, learn and share useful information and make new friends along the way. If you have any skills and talents that you would love to share with us all, please get in touch!’

When the Headquarters building re-opens after remedial work, the group will meet there, but Ela has alternative venues sorted for now. Her email is [email protected] or you can make contact through the group’s Facebook page.