Reports are coming in of dogs (and people) intruding on the intertidal zone at Bomb Point. Despite warning signs with info about the ecological importance of the shoreline there, some dog walkers are encouraging their pooches to swim and splash about in the shallows.

A rare banded rail and five chicks have been seen there recently, so it’s even more important that they be left in peace.

As responsible dog walkers know, four-legged friends must be on a leash when in public. Hobsonville Point dogs have the benefit of being able to run free in the fenced area at the eastern side of Bomb Point Park.

Offending dog owners may not of course be locals. With Te Ara Manawa becoming more and more popular, many visitors use it too. It’s a shame that people aren’t clear on the rules, which are the same all over Auckland City. Click here to check them out.