As with many areas of Auckland, security at Hobsonville Point is an ongoing area of focus.

As outlined at our November 2016 Annual Meeting, HPRS is acutely aware of residents’ concerns around security issues as well as select instances of crime and other anti-social behaviour in our neighbourhood. We all want to live in a community where people and property are safe and secure.

The HPRS committee chair, Peter Herbert, and deputy chairperson, Joan Vujcich, have now formed a working group with representatives from Hobsonville Land Company which is tasked with addressing security in the area. Following our first meeting last month, expert advice from the security industry is now being sought on possible initiatives to increase the security in the area (including but not limited to CCTV). The working group will meet again once this information has been obtained and any proposals will be brought to HPRS members for approval prior to implementation.

HPRS members can use the discussion board on our website to share ideas on improving security at Hobsonville Point.