Noting how often residents are being upset by petty crimes and car break-ins, your committee has decided to hire a security company to roam Hobsonville Point on our behalf.

Patrols are now happening at various times throughout the night, run by a well-established firm that also works for construction companies with local building sites. These guards know our streets and are well placed to notice and report on anything out of the ordinary.

There are no guarantees, of course, that incidents will reduce but we hope you feel a little more secure knowing there are watchful eyes out there in our neighbourhood while you sleep. By the way, progress is very slow on the installation of the long-promised security cameras. Be assured the society has not forgotten – we are just still working with a variety of authorities to get permissions to make the work happen.

And one more thing – there’s been some tagging going on around the Point. If it happens at or near your place, report it to the Council here and they’ll send out a team promptly to clean it up.