We have recently experienced a few near misses on our roads as local children have flocked outside on their bikes in the fine weather.

Drivers have reported incidents involving young children riding at speed across entrances to laneways, right-of-ways and driveways (both on the footpaths and on the roads). These near misses are extremely upsetting and traumatic for everyone involved.

Drivers, children and parents alike can help minimize the risks and avoid serious injury or a tragedy.

If you are driving around the area, please watch your speed and keep an eye out for children who may not be as “road-wise” as adults.

If your children are playing outside, talk to them about safe places to play and taking care around cars and roads. Make sure your child is wearing a helmet (and perhaps even a high-vis garment), that their brakes work and that they have sufficient skills to control their bike independently. Ensure that they know to ride on the left of the road, to stop and look both ways when crossing, and that our crossings are not pedestrian crossings where cars have to give way.

Finally, we ask all residents to take care when parking so their cars do not block the line of sight for cyclists (e.g. by parking too close to a corner or driveway, or not in a defined parking space). Please refrain from parking your car over a footpath as this forces pedestrians and children out into the road to get past.