Auckland Council is working on a management plan for Upper Harbour parks and wants to know how you use our local parks. It’s also seeking your ideas on great new ways to enjoy them or additions/facilities that you think would make them more attractive and user-friendly.

They’ve put up a site providing access to an online mapping tool that helps you find specific parks and share your thoughts about how you use them now, and what you’d like to do there in the future.

You can offer comments on as few or as many parks as you like, and there’s also space to make general comments about parks and reserves in Upper Harbour. You can send email too, to: [email protected]

Emailing is the best way to make submissions about parks that aren’t currently included as part of the online mapping tool. (BTW That includes Bomb Point Park, as it’s currently owned by HLC, not the Council.)

If you provide your name and address as part of your email AC will be able to record it as an official submission. There are also Korean and Chinese-language feedback forms that can be scanned and emailed.

Many locals are using this as an opportunity to have their say on the future of Bomb Point Park.

You have until August 30 to have your say, so click here and get to it!