If you went out and walked at least some of Te Ara Manawa last weekend, you’ll know how good the two-day celebration was. The whole walkway circuit was humming as families went out and had fun at the four hubs set up around the loop. Special ferry services were well used too, with more than 1100 trips taken between here and the city. HLC did a terrific job of organising this landmark event.

Hundreds of walkers detoured through Chichester Cottage at the northern end of Buckley Ave, and many took the chance to adorn the walls with sticky notes full of ideas for what they’d like to see happening there.

As it’s a very little cottage big events will be out of the question, but there are many possibilities for meetings, group and club activities and small performances, talks, displays etc. We’ll keep you posted on progress. We understand it’ll be March before the Society can take possession of the cottage (power and water are yet to be laid on), and we have a lot of work to do in the interim to furnish and equip it, set up a booking system and generally get it ready.