When: 7pm, October 30

Where: Hobsonville Point Secondary School Auditorium

See you there!

We need more than 200 owners attending or sending a proxy form to hit our quorum, so if you can’t come, please appoint a proxy or send in your voting paper NOW.

Crockers has already sent the agenda, proxy forms and voting papers to all members. You’ve received them by email – or by post if you’ve told Crockers that’s how you like to get such material.

We know it’s easy to lose such emails. If it’s slipped out of sight, look for it in your inbox on Oct 5. Please use the proxy form OR voting paper. Just use one – no need to send both.

You can also find them here:

– Proxy form
Voting paper

Print, sign, scan or photograph the form you wish to use and send to [email protected] by end of day on Oct 29.

Things to vote on include:

* The budget for 2018-19, which sets out how your levies will be spent
* A motion on subsidising weekend ferries to the CBD
* A motion on moving towards providing summer shade protection at the waterpark … and much more

We know you’ll want to have your say.

Any questions, email [email protected]

Best wishes,
HPRS Committee