Yes, we know that every time you walk or drive past the Sunderland Lounge on Launch Road, you ask ‘when is it going to be finished?’.

The weatherboard building’s exterior was fixed up and repainted last year, and in recent weeks construction crews have been tackling the inside of the old RNZAF social club. The whole place is getting a major re-fit and when complete will offer our community a big hall with a kitchen and new bathroom facilities, plus a separate meeting room with kitchenette close to the Headquarters building.

Headquarters is still out of action due to wastewater issues. No news yet on when it’ll be open again. We’re hearing that our future small-event venue Chichester Cottage may now be available for HPRS to take over in May. Home building has begun on the previously empty lot close by, which means water and power connection may be not too far off. Lack of those services is what has been holding up the hand-over of the cottage up till now.

This story re Sunderland Lounge appeared recently on Auckland Council’s articles site and indicates completion in May. Fingers crossed!