Whatever happened to being a tidy kiwi?

The Massey Community Patrol recently came across large amounts of rubbish dumped illegally in Whenuapai. If you become aware of such activity, we encourage you to report it to Auckland Council every time as Litter Officers investigate all reliable reports of illegally dumped rubbish. Crime prevention research has found that if an area is clean, tidy and looks cared for, the community will be less inclined to ignore criminal behaviour and more likely to report it. This increases the likelihood of offenders being apprehended and makes the “reward to risk” ratio less attractive to them.

To notify the council of illegal dumping (more than two black rubbish bags or a large item such as a fridge/ couch), fill in council’s Report illegal dumping online form or call 301 0101. For other littering (less than two black rubbish bags) use the contact us form. For littering on a motorway call *555 or 111 if it is an immediate hazard.

Always give as much information as you can, such as:

  • The registration number and a description of the offender’s vehicle
  • The location, date and time
  • A description of the rubbish
  • Whether the rubbish is obstructing the road, causing a danger to people or contains hazardous material (eg chemicals, oil or LPG)
  • A description of the offender

Parks, reserves, bush areas and deserted sites are regularly used for dumping which is often done under the cover of darkness. If you see trailer, truck or utility loads of rubbish, waste or tyres being driven around likely areas at night, it may be about to be dumped so more scrutiny may be warranted.

Please be aware that some dumping may be associated with criminal offending (eg equipment, containers and by-products or waste from illegal drug manufacturing). These things can pose serious health and safety risks to you and the environment (eg syringes, sharp objects and chemical contaminants) so we recommend you immediately report your findings to the council without rummaging through such sites. If you see or hear any suspicious activity, do not hesitate to call 111.

If you have rubbish to get rid of, be responsible and drive to the Waitakere Refuse and Recycling Transfer Station at 50 The Concourse, Henderson to dispose of it properly and safely. Alternatively, if the goods are still useable consider donating them on one of the Pay It Forward sites on Facebook.

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