Planning is progressing slowly on a new marine centre at the foot of Launch Road. Several sporting, community and local body organisations are involved in deciding where it should go, how it will look and how it will be paid for – but there’s some way to go before any plans can be announced.

However, HLC has requested formal written support from HPRS for the location of the centre, so that talks can progress with the Local Board and iwi. The photo shows yellow outlines for a proposed T-shaped launching platform for yachts and rowing shells and a clubhouse and storage building that may be erected to the right of the roundabout/parking area at the foot of Launch Road.

The committee has replied that HPRS strongly supports the retention of boating activities and the ongoing efforts of the Marine Trust.  We also support the proposal to locate a new facility over the water, as shown, while also seeing a need for mitigation measures during any future construction to limit damage to the environment and to retain public access as much as possible.