We all love it when residents go the extra mile to add extra beauty to their little corner of Hobsonville – such as these flowers planted around trees on the Squadron berm by residents there.

Some locals did a great job over the holidays of working together to pick up rubbish (bags of it!) along streets and even from amongst the mangroves down by the shore.

Your committee loves that public spirit.

But should we just encourage such random voluntary efforts, or should we ask someone to organise willing crews to do street-side rubbish pickup and weed pulling on a regular basis? Or should community funds be used to pay a contractor to do the work?

There’s a lot to decide on…

It just takes community energy and enthusiasm to make things really hum, and that goes for creative endeavours too, as was the case last year with the yarn-wrapping of the majestic old pohutukawa tree on Hobsonville Point Road opposite Cochrane Road (and still looking great), and the wonderful garden tour that happened in November.

Such initiatives take imagination, creativity and a bit of work, of course, but participants have a good time and everyone in the area enjoys the results. Thanks to those who pitched in with all those efforts.

If you have an upcoming community project you’d like to talk about via this newsletter or on the HPRS website then drop an email to [email protected]

What sort of projects? Well, for instance, we’ve heard of a skilled drama teacher who is keen to start classes and possibly stage a performance at year’s end, with the Rifle Range as a possible venue.  No firm details yet but it sounds like fun!