Your committee is receiving requests for advice on re-painting/staining houses or caring for wooden panelling that is part of their design.

Because a few years have now gone by since the first houses were completed on the Point, maintenance issues are now arising. Questions that are coming up are making it clear there’s a need for better guidelines for all.

Discussions over this have been going on with HLC.

Strictly speaking, all repainting needs to comply with the original resource consent for each property, and any changes need new approvals by the Urban Design Panel and Auckland Council. Provided no changes are made to what was initially approved, then getting the okay to restore your home’s original look is usually no problem. However, we realise this may be too restrictive and some of the current rules are not clear. Committee chairperson Errol Haarhoff advises that a guide is being prepared with HLC that will be sent to owners and posted on our website.

The rules around other additions and alterations can also be a source of confusion, and this area too is being reviewed.

In requesting your patience, please know the committee is aware of your questions, is consulting over these matters, and aims to produce improved guidelines within the next few weeks.