Everyone who owns a Hobsonville Point property is legally required to be a financial member of HPRS.

Crockers manages the collection of membership levies and communicates directly with all members regarding money owed or outstanding.

To provide both clarity and ample notice for all our members, we have outlined the process for levy setting and payment below:

– HPRS’ financial year runs from September 1 to August 31.
– After the financial year has ended, Crockers prepares the material for our Annual Meeting which must be held in October. The membership fee for the next financial year (currently $300 upon joining and $150 per year thereafter) is agreed at this meeting.
– Invoices are sent to all members after the meeting (usually in November).
– Levies for 2017/2018 will be due on 31/12/2017 and on December 31 in successive years. (Please note that this is earlier than the due date for the 2016/2017 levy, which was extended because the 2016 Annual Meeting was not held until November).
– Unpaid fees are subject to Crockers’ debt collection process. Once an invoice is raised, a reminder is sent seven days before the due date and again seven days after the due date if required. If the levy remains unpaid after this time, a letter is sent 14 days after the due date advising the owner of a possible $75 (+ GST) charge if the invoice is not settled within two weeks. At 28 days after the due date, a second letter is dispatched including the $75 (+ GST) charge. Finally, 42 days after the due date, a final demand is issued, including a $175 (+ GST) charge with interest.

The above process applies to HPRS membership levies only and excludes other incorporated society fees for laneways or apartments.