Welcome to your first newsletter for 2018.  The holiday period slowed things down in this long, hot summer, but now that work and school are in full swing again your committee is focused on plenty of activity for the upcoming year.

We’re seeking your views

At the last AGM some people said they wished proceedings didn’t have to be so formal, with little opportunity for questions or discussion about the Point and its future.

So, we are planning a community meeting to enable some debate and exchange of views. Early April is the probable time and we’ll signal the details when we have them pinned down.

It’ll also be an opportunity to get a reminder on how the society is set up, the rules that owners agree to when they purchase, and the necessity to advise future purchasers of those rules if/when you decide to sell and move on.  We have these rules because this is a unique kind of suburb and everyone benefits when we’re all on board to make it a great place to live in for a long time to come.

We’ll be welcoming tenants to that meeting too, as we feel the Point is home for both owners and tenants and it’s good if everyone feels part of our place.

The HPRS Committee