We will use a range of ways to keep you informed this year.

You will receive more newsletters like this by email. They are automatically sent to all property owners but tenants are also most welcome to sign up to our mailing list.

The society’s website, www.hprs.co.nz, is due for a little refresh and we plan to add an FAQ section so you can find ready answers for common issues.

Those of you on Facebook may already be using the very busy and popular Hobsonville Community page. Recently we’ve started another FB page as our Society noticeboard for local residents only.

Find the Hobsonville Point Residents Society Group here.

Note that when you apply to join, you’ll be asked to pop in your address. This is just to ensure that it remains a closed group for locals only where we focus on Society matters.

The physical noticeboard at the Buckley Ave playground is also there for you to use. If you have news of community events or activities you would like to put up there (though not commercial advertising), please email [email protected] or call our Crockers account manager Jodie Rahman at 623 5667.

Also use those contact details if you have news to share in future newsletters. As refurbished meeting spaces open up this year we expect all sorts of activities will come on stream.