Keen to join the HPRS Committee?
If so, it’s time to get a move on! All owners should have received an email from Crockers last week the announcement of the next HPRS Annual General Meeting, planned for Oct 7. It email contained a PDF of the all-important nomination form for prospective committee members. It must be filled in and returned by September 9 – Wednesday next week before 5pm.

Click on this link to download the form: HPRS Committee_Nomination Form

You can nominate yourself or someone else (asking them first if they’re willing, of course). The committee needs nine members. If there are more than nine candidates, a vote will be taken.
Another important thing to do – see section 2 – is to put forward any matters you want included on the Agenda for discussion at the AGM.
Please note that only those items that are submitted by the Sep 9 deadline can be raised at the meeting.
Why be on the committee? It’s a really good way to be in touch with everything that’s going on in our growing community. It’s your chance to contribute to the good life here and help maintain guidelines set in place when the Point was first established. The idea was to ensure our unique area will keep on being a great place for all the years to come. That doesn’t happen in the average suburb!
You’ll have seen in Crockers’ email that this year’s AGM will be held online. Covid-19 uncertainty makes it impossible to plan a physical meeting as we’ve done before, with hundreds of us packed closely into a school hall.
More information about attending the online AGM will come to you soon.