It feels like 2019 is racing by, with shorter, chillier days signalling the approach of winter. But no need for gloom – soon we’ll be announcing a series of Matariki events and activities to brighten up June, the darkest month.

Matariki, New Zealand’s unique mid-winter festival, is the Maori name for the Pleiades or ‘seven sisters’. When that cluster of stars rose each year in mid-winter, it was the traditional sign of the start of the Maori New Year. These days it’s the signal for many modern Matariki celebrations all over New Zealand, and plans are afoot for some good times here on the Point as well. Keep an eye out for upcoming Matariki news.

But meanwhile, one of the simple pleasures of this season can be had by taking a stroll in the park alongside Catalina Café in Buckley Avenue, where the big trees are a mass of golden and red. There’s something sweetly satisfying about the crunch of autumn leaves underfoot. Kids love it – even big kids!

Read on for news about:

  • Hungerball family fun afternoon
  • Local venues update
  • Innovation hub launch
  • The next garden ramble
  • Hobsonville Choir in concert
  • Your chance to get a Council grant

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