As we approach October’s Annual Meeting, the HPRS Committee would first like to thank you all. This has been a significant year for HPRS, in which we have made great progress in many areas with your support. One area we are particularly pleased with is our communication, especially through our website and this regular newsletter for both members and subscribers. Based on the number of responses and enquiries we regularly receive via our email address ([email protected]), we are confident that we now have effective lines of communication in place.

Your feedback to our recent survey on the ferry timetable was particularly invaluable. As outlined in our last e-newsletter, we have presented the survey findings to the Albany Ward councillors, who in turn have discussed them with Auckland Transport. In case you missed it, the HPRS survey also attracted some media coverage via Stuff. This issue remains a priority for the committee and we look forward to being able to report back with what we hope will be positive news at some stage!

Recently we also sought your views on the shortage of parking at Hobsonville Point and your responses were discussed at our last meeting. Parking is probably the most-discussed aspect of living at Hobsonville Point and we have noted both your complaints and suggested solutions. We believe any remedy to this issue will only be achieved through co-operation between three stakeholders: HLC and the Masterplan, Auckland Transport and the implementation of traffic bylaws and residents through courteous/discourteous parking.

In our last e-newsletter, we asked you to consider putting yourself forward for election to the HPRS Committee at the forthcoming Annual Meeting. We received an encouraging response to this request and are still happy to hear from people who are interested in sharing their skills and experience through this community service. We have created a guide to clarify what the committee does which is a useful place to start if you are considering volunteering – just email us at [email protected] if you would like a copy or have any other queries about this opportunity. Crockers will formally request nominations for the committee when it sends notice of the Annual Meeting and any relevant papers to HPRS members in the coming weeks.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the Annual Meeting (to be held from 6:30pm on October 24 at Hobsonville Point Secondary School) as we look ahead to all that the next year will bring.

The HPRS Committee