We may be in the middle of an Auckland winter but, as you will read in this issue of the HPRS newsletter, there is still plenty happening around the Point. A warm welcome to those who have recently joined the neighbourhood – our membership now sits at over 1000 homes/families.

With more people moving to the area, we are seeing greater demand for parking which is already in short supply. I encourage you to read our article about parking and do your bit to help where possible please. Your suggestions are welcome!

I would also like to remind you about HPRS’ 2017 Annual Meeting which will be held at 6:30pm on October 24 at the Hobsonville Point Secondary School. As the event draws closer, we are looking for HPRS members who would like to put themselves forward for election to the HPRS Committee. The committee consists of between five and nine members at any one time, and is involved in a variety of initiatives in Hobsonville Point on behalf of all residents. If you have relevant experience and time to contribute, and are interested in the future of this amazing area, I strongly encourage you to consider standing. Please contact me via our website if you would like to discuss this further.

Finally, you may have noticed the absence of the community noticeboard from Hobsonville Point Park recently. This allowed a condensation problem to be fixed and the noticeboard, which is administered by the HPRS Committee, has now been reinstated. Do check it as you pass to stay up to date with news and events from our area.

Peter Herbert,