There’s been much chat on Facebook and in the community about the proposed construction of a cluster of apartment buildings at Launch Bay, next to the market, cafes and other developments down by the ferry wharf. If you’re not familiar with that area, there’s an overview at

All of us will have an opinion on the desirability of larger buildings – some for and some against.

Some who are disturbed by the proposal have asked if the Society will lobby Auckland Council on the community’s behalf, but to do that would presuppose we can accurately assess a shared point of view.

If we took a strong position one way or another, we would undoubtedly displease those who have differing opinions.

As citizens, however, we can all make a personal submission to the Auckland Council on this proposal as a notified Resource Consent application.

We urge anyone who has an opinion to have their say.

Information on how to do this, and all the documentation on the proposal can be found here.

We have three weeks to make our voices heard – submissions close on July 20.