Upper Harbour Local Board want to hear what residents and community groups think of their new draft local board plan – a plan reflecting its communities needs and aspirations over the next three years.

“We’ve developed a new draft plan based on what our people and groups have told us is important to them,” says Upper Harbour Local Board Chair, Margaret Miles.

The new plan has five key outcomes, related objectives and various proposed initiatives that the board is seeking community feedback on.

“We want to continue to help people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to be positively connected to others in their communities, and empowered to support each other through adversity and change,” says Miles.

“We also require efficient and accessible public transport, increased protection for our natural environment, and a robust and resilient local economy to support those living and working here.”

Given current financial uncertainties pertaining to the impacts of the COVID-19 on council’s finances, the board is proposing a three-year plan focused squarely on the most critical needs and priorities of its community.

“As well as looking at how we respond to the impacts of the pandemic, we intend to remain focused on progressing much-needed facilities that include a new indoor multi-sports facility and park and sports field development at Scott Point,” says Miles.

Ongoing population growth continues to pose significant challenges in terms of public transport in some areas, so the board is taking the opportunity to ask residents how they would feel about a targeted rate to provide public transport services to areas without any.

“We’d like to hear residents’ views on a potential targeted rate to extend bus services to areas currently without. We’re considering investigating the value of doing something along the lines of what has been rolled out in the neighbouring Rodney to extend and improve bus services.”

Have your say

To read the plan and its proposals, event information and have your say – go online to akhaveyoursay.nz/lovelocal, then and click on Upper Harbour Local Board.

Feedback to the draft plan closes on 13 August, 2020.