Saturday 5 September | 9:30am – 12:30pm

Bomb Bay – meet at the plant nursery 

Spring is nearly here! Lighter mornings, slightly warmer days and spring flowers are already starting to make their presence felt here at Hobsonville Point. Spring means our native birds will be breeding, nesting and feeding hungry chicks, with tui enjoying feeding on the flax, and an abundance of new growth in our native plant life.

Unfortunately, local weeds will also be showing this same enthusiastic growth, so Habitat Hobsonville are holding a spring weed attack on Saturday September 5 in the Bomb Bay area; focusing on dealing with the weeds and picking up all the random rubbish that has been dropped there in preparation for beautiful new planting in the area. 

You don’t need to be an expert weeder to join in – key skills for the morning are enthusiasm and energy. If you have some gloves and weeding gear, please bring them along.

After we have finished, Little Creatures is generously sponsoring pizza, beer and coffee for the crew to enjoy as we admire the results of our hard work.

For further information please contact Dorian at [email protected]