Dear fellow Pointers,

Your HPRS Committee is delighted to announce some exciting news. As you may remember a ‘greenspace’ sub-committee was formed and presented at the last AGM on creating a plan to keep the Point looking smarter and greener than any other neighbourhood in NZ.

If you were not at the AGM or want a refresh, then you can find a copy of the presentation here.

Grasping the challenge in both hands, it became clear very quickly to the sub-committee that, to get this right for our community we would need specialised and professional guidance. Unfortunately, Covid-19 then got in the way of the planned March 20 update.
However, today we are pleased to advise we are right back on track!

You may remember a local advertisement was placed for a Streetscape Project Manager role, that would engage productively with Council and Local Bodies as well as with members, thereby minimising costs and maximising results.

We are thrilled to advise that we have sourced and secured the services of just such a professional – who lives on the Point! Katharine brings years of relevant and precious experience and will help create a plan (with options) that covers the entire Point right down to your own front yard, which we can all review at the next AGM.

Our next communication will introduce you formally to Katharine and her extensive professional experience in this field and what she has already achieved on your behalf.

We know how passionate ‘Pointers’ are about ensuring we protect the natural beauty of our living environment and the committee can’t thank you enough for your patience to date.

We will now be able to provide you with regular and exciting updates on activities and future possibilities in readiness for our next AGM.

Your HPRS Committee and the sub-committee are energised and excited about what comes next and we will ensure we keep you informed and involved every step of the way.

If anything, Covid-19 proved how valuable the surrounding nature is helping to keep residents mentally and physically healthy. Every minute that we spend to keep and enhance this precious greenspace will benefit us all.

We are sure there will be lots of questions as we move forward and our aim is to cover as many of these as we can in our frequent and proactive updates to you.

Thank you again for allowing the HPRS Committee to explore such exciting and valuable activities on your behalf – what a fantastic community we have!

Craig Burrowes

HPRS Committee