Survey Update:

Hi everyone, in the last newsletter update we advised that a survey was being undertaken  with some of the oldest streets in ‘The Point’.


I am delighted to advise that the response was both significant and comprehensive.

We will be showcasing the full results along with other findings at the AGM. However, what is abundantly clear at this stage are the frequently reoccurring themes of:

  • Greenspaces are of high importance, but the satisfaction levels are lower
    • It is clear that the gap between importance and satisfaction needs attention
  • Approximately 50% of the survey respondents say “they need help with their green-space”
    • We are now trying to identify the areas that they need help with.
  • People have relevant issues and they do not know how to go about dealing with them.
    • We are pursuing follow-up contacts to clarify the specifics


Katharine Black has already had a significant impact on the larger greenspace opportunities (see previous posts) and these survey results are already being followed with some one on one meetings now that we are back to Level 2.

I am both proud and excited about the future greenspace possibilities of ‘The Point’ and urge you all to be available for the AGM where this will be covered in much more detail

Other Activities Update:

Katharine has continued to make significant progress through constant engagement with Council to ensure they are kept on their toes in respect of maintenance promises they have made.

Katharine is also progressing very quickly on a full update of the handover plan from Kāinga Ora

to Council to ensure there is a seamless maintenance programme in place for all residential areas of ‘The Point’ as they are completed

Please ‘tune in’ to the AGM where we will have much more information to share. Until then, stay safe and stay green.

Craig Burrowes

HPRS Committee