A is for Action
After our post lockdown introduction, the wheels have been really been put in motion and initial meetings have been held with:
 Council
 Kāinga Ora
 Weed & conservation groups
 Contractors
 Individual Residents

In just one of these meetings Katharine (see B) has been able to highlight some parks and other areas of ‘the Point’ that have ‘slipped between the gaps’ when handed over from Kāinga Ora (formerly HLC) to Council. These areas are now locked in to be cared for properly and all parties are grateful as a result.

B is for Black (Katharine)

Meet Katharine Black
Katharine has been contracted by the HPRS Committee to propel the greenspace project forward. She has been chosen due to her extensive career expertise as follows:
 Council project and contract management
 Leadership of design, planning and asset teams
 Parks asset management and planning
 Knowledge and understanding of Local Government
 Specialist parks advisor (specification and design)

C is for Consultation
It is not all about meetings, and having already looked at the big picture, Katharine under the guidance of the sub-committee is now undertaking a survey of some of the original / oldest streets we have.

These streets (Lester, Corsair, Harvard and Station), having been handed back to Council many years ago are a perfect target sample for this survey which, is designed to understand how the residents feel about and manage the greenspace around them.

This survey will be followed up with a meet and greet in early August and the results, observations and go forward ideas will be an integral part of a presentation at the next AGM.

To stay up to date please watch this (green)space!

Craig Burrowes
HPRS Committee