There’s so much happening in the next few weeks.

For starters, it’ll be busy all round the Point this coming weekend (Nov 17-18) with the grand opening of our Te Ara Manawa – Hobsonville/Onekiritea Coastal Walkway.

It’s been a long wait, but the whole 5km circuit is about to open. Both Saturday and Sunday, from 10am to 2pm, will see lots of fun going on, and with HLC putting on ferries from the city via Beach Haven there’ll be plenty of visitors as well as locals strolling the route.

The plan is for four hubs of activity – with activity going on at each one, such as music at the Rifle Range and kiddy fun at the playground on Buckley Avenue. With food trucks, a Little Creatures craft beer pop-up, coffee carts and ice cream around the track, and the Catalina Bay Farmers Market open, no-one will go hungry (or thirsty). Plenty of loos will be supplied along the route too.

Chichester Cottage, next to the walkway towards the end of Buckley Avenue, will also be open for the first time and you’re welcome to go inside. Note that it’s still unfurnished and will not be available for use as a community facility for a few months yet, but it’s your chance for a first look – and to think about what sort of activities you think would fit there in future.

By the way, public parks and berms around the route will be getting a big spruce up during the week, so there’ll lots of street tidying, trimming and mowing going on in the next few days.

And there’s more! Read on for other events and activities.

Best wishes,
Your HPRS Committee