The council’s Upper Harbour Board (under whose umbrella Hobsonville Point sits) has announced the dates for its rounds of grants for the upcoming year. If you’re dreaming about a project that needs some funding, why not apply? Applications open on June 3.

There are two types of grants. Those over $2000 are called Local Grants and are available once or twice a year. Then there are Quick Response Grants for lower sums of money, which are offered more frequently. Naturally, there are forms to be filled in and your purposes need to be explained. To find out how to apply, check out this link.

The table shows the dates for rounds of grants that are up for grabs between June this year and mid-2020.

By the way, HPRS is about to announce its own grants fund that aims to offer support to local groups and individuals based within the boundaries of Hobsonville Point. A few details remain to be sorted out, but we’ll tell you all about it soon.