Dear residents,

Don’t forget that discount!

This is to remind homeowners/HPRS members that you have until November 30 to get a hefty discount on your annual levy to the Society. Pay by then and the fee is $150 dollars. After that it goes up to $200.

If you haven’t received an invoice or are struggling to find it, please email [email protected]

Facebook choices

We’re all for using the huge and busy Hobsonville Point Community Facebook page, where you can find all sorts of items relating to the wider northwest community, from lost pets to sunset pics to various complaints and items for sale. But some members tell us they don’t go there because it’s too big and busy for them. If that’s you, feel free to join the residents-only page, which is a quieter kind of noticeboard about things of benefit to HP owners and tenants and doesn’t host ads and general trivia.

We send email newsletters as a way to communicate with all our residents as some don’t use Facebook at all (sign up for our newsletters here). Others who get far too many emails every day prefer quick dips into Facebook for news. Others would no doubt like a good old-fashioned paper newsletter, but that’s expensive – and slow. It’s tricky getting the balance right, but we do try.

Very best wishes in this busy pre-Christmas season.

Your HPRS Committee