Many of you have asked for a one-stop place on the HPRS website where you can see who’s doing what, how to find things out, and where to find people who share your interests.

So this is a call for everyone who runs something around here to let us know who you are so we can pull together a comprehensive list.

It can involve anything from hobby groups (e.g. book readers, wine fanciers, model-makers or gardening fans) to leaders of sports clubs, and reps of laneway societies and body corporates.

Everyone’s seeking more community spirit and we’ll have more of it if we can easily contact key people. NB This call is just about interest groups for now, but we do want to get closer to our local businesses too.

If you’re representing any outfit that others may like to know about, please supply your contact details to Lindsey Dawson, who is waiting with fingers poised over the keyboard, wanting to pull this all together.  Email [email protected] and put INTERESTS in the subject line.